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How to Cancel EasyJet Flights in the UK in 2024: Step-by-Step Guide

Holidays, city breaks and trips away can be notoriously expensive. Whilst booking cheap flights via Easyjet can mean big savings, going away might be a luxury worth putting off until another time.

Whilst Easyjet flights are non-refundable, that doesn’t mean you can’t change your booking or amend it to a different date if you are wanting to save money.

There is an option to cancel a flight and request a refund, but this must be done within 24 hours of booking and may incur a charge or fee.

To amend your Easyjet booking, follow these instructions:

  1. Head to the Easyjet ‘Manage My Bookings’ page here
  2. Enter your email address and password to be taken to your list of booked flights
  3. Follow the on screen instructions to cancel or amend your booking

Be aware, there will probably be extra fees or charges for making amendments and if you decide to book a more expensive flight you will need to pay any difference, so it’s worth shopping around before confirming any amendments.

Travelling plans can change unexpectedly, and knowing how to cancel EasyJet flights efficiently can save you time and money. This comprehensive guide will provide detailed steps on cancelling EasyJet flights in the UK in 2024, covering everything from understanding the cancellation policy to managing fees and refunds.

Understanding EasyJet’s Cancellation Policy

Overview of Policy
EasyJet’s cancellation policy is designed to offer flexibility while maintaining operational efficiency. Understanding the key elements of this policy is crucial before initiating a cancellation.

Types of Cancellations
EasyJet allows for different types of cancellations, including voluntary cancellations by the passenger and cancellations initiated by the airline due to operational reasons. Each type has specific procedures and implications.

Reasons to Cancel EasyJet Flights

Personal Reasons
Personal circumstances, such as a change in plans, can necessitate flight cancellations. EasyJet provides options for managing these changes, although fees may apply.

Travel Restrictions
In light of global health concerns and varying travel restrictions, passengers might need to cancel flights due to government advisories or entry requirements.

Health Issues
Illness or medical emergencies are valid reasons for flight cancellations. EasyJet’s policies accommodate these situations, often with the provision of appropriate documentation.

How to Check Your EasyJet Booking Status

Online Account
Checking your booking status is the first step in the cancellation process. Log into your EasyJet account to view your flight details, including booking reference and travel dates.

Customer Service
If you encounter issues accessing your booking online, EasyJet’s customer service can assist in providing the necessary information.

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Steps to Cancel Your EasyJet Flight

Online Cancellation
The most convenient way to cancel your EasyJet flight is through the online portal. Log into your account, navigate to your bookings, and select the option to cancel.

Phone Cancellation
For those who prefer speaking with a representative, calling EasyJet’s customer service is an alternative. Have your booking reference and personal details ready.

Airport Cancellation
In urgent cases, cancellations can be processed at the airport. Visit the EasyJet service desk with your booking reference and identification.

Cancellation Fees and Refunds

Standard Fees
EasyJet charges a standard cancellation fee, which varies based on the time of cancellation relative to the flight date. Familiarize yourself with these fees before cancelling.

Refund Eligibility
Refunds are typically processed for cancellations made within a certain time frame before the flight. Understanding your eligibility for a refund is essential for financial planning.

Voucher Options
Instead of a refund, EasyJet may offer vouchers for future travel. These vouchers can be applied to new bookings and provide flexibility for rescheduling travel plans.

Modifying Your EasyJet Booking Instead of Cancelling

Date Changes
If your travel dates are flexible, consider changing your flight dates instead of cancelling. This can often be done online with minimal fees.

Destination Changes
EasyJet allows destination changes, which can be a practical solution if your original travel plans fall through.

Passenger Name Changes
If someone else can take your place, changing the passenger name on the booking can avoid cancellation fees. Ensure that all changes are made according to EasyJet’s guidelines.

How to Avoid Cancellation Fees

Flexible Tickets
Purchasing flexible tickets can significantly reduce or eliminate cancellation fees. These tickets allow for more changes without additional costs.

Travel Insurance
Comprehensive travel insurance often covers cancellation fees. Check your policy for specific coverage details related to flight cancellations.

Cancellation Protection
EasyJet offers an optional cancellation protection service at the time of booking. This service can provide peace of mind and financial protection against unforeseen cancellations.

Impact of Cancellation on Frequent Flyer Points

Retaining Points
Depending on the type of ticket and the timing of cancellation, you may be able to retain your frequent flyer points. Review EasyJet’s frequent flyer program policies for details.

Points Reversal
In some cases, points earned from the cancelled flight may be reversed. Ensure you understand how cancellations affect your points balance.

Rebooking After Cancellation

Finding New Flights
After cancelling your flight, you may need to book a new one. EasyJet’s website and app provide easy options for finding and booking new flights.

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Applying Refunds and Vouchers
Any refunds or vouchers issued from the cancellation can be applied to new bookings. This can help reduce out-of-pocket expenses for your new travel plans.

Common Challenges and Solutions

System Errors
Technical issues can arise during the cancellation process. If you encounter errors, contact EasyJet’s customer service for assistance.

Communication Delays
During peak travel times, response times from customer service may be delayed. Plan ahead and allow extra time for processing your cancellation.

Assistance Programs for Special Circumstances

Medical Emergencies
EasyJet has provisions for cancellations due to medical emergencies. Providing necessary documentation can expedite the process and potentially waive fees.

Bereavement Policies
In the unfortunate event of a bereavement, EasyJet’s policies accommodate such situations with appropriate documentation. Contact customer service for specific guidance.

Future Travel Planning Tips

Booking Flexibility
Opt for flexible booking options whenever possible. These options provide the most convenience and cost-effectiveness in case of changes.

Choosing Refundable Tickets
While refundable tickets may cost more upfront, they offer the best protection against unexpected cancellations. Weigh the benefits against the costs when booking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my EasyJet flight online?
Yes, you can cancel your EasyJet flight online through your account. Navigate to your bookings and select the cancellation option.

What are the fees for cancelling an EasyJet flight?
Cancellation fees vary based on the timing of the cancellation relative to the flight date. Check EasyJet’s website for specific fee details.

How do I get a refund from EasyJet?
Refund eligibility depends on the timing and type of ticket. If eligible, refunds can be processed online or through customer service.

Can I change my EasyJet flight instead of cancelling?
Yes, EasyJet allows changes to flight dates, destinations, and passenger names. These changes can often be made online with minimal fees.

What happens to my points if I cancel my EasyJet flight?
Frequent flyer points may be retained or reversed depending on the ticket type and timing of the cancellation. Review your frequent flyer program for details.

Are there any exceptions to the cancellation policy?
Exceptions to the cancellation policy include medical emergencies and bereavement. Providing necessary documentation can expedite these exceptions.


Cancelling EasyJet flights in the UK in 2024 requires understanding the airline’s policies, preparing necessary documentation, and knowing your options for refunds or rebooking. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can navigate the cancellation process smoothly and minimize any associated costs. Ensure you explore flexible booking options and consider travel insurance to protect against future uncertainties.

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