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Compare the Best Online Trading Platforms in The UK (March 2024)

8 Best Trading Platforms The world of online investing offers a lot of exciting investment opportunities, although it is important to find the right broker to match your budget and risk limits. Every online trading platform has its pros and cons, including varying fees, trading tools, investment options, and market research, which can make it difficult to identify the right one for you. In our…
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Santander Digital Adviser Review (Worth It?)

Many people view the stock market as an unattainable venture that is best left in the hands of in-the-know professionals. If you’ve considered getting into stocks but don’t know where to start, Santander Digital Adviser wants to help you navigate the stock…
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Moneyfarm Review (UK)

Thanks to the internet, investing is easier now than ever before. What used to be the purview of the wealthy and well-off is now accessible to more people thanks to the advent of online brokerages with their low fees and agreeable trading terms. Online investing is…
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Robinhood UK (Review, What To Expect, Delays!?)

In late 2019, robo investing app Robinhood announced that it would soon become available to UK customers. In 2020, the world was flipped upside down with a global health pandemic. To the dismay of many, the tech company recently announced that it would be delaying Robinhood’s UK launch indefinitely. As early access to the online investing platform is being removed from Robinhood’s…
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Wealthsimple Review: The Best Hybrid Adviser?

Robo-advising is an awesome new development in the investing landscape. AI tools can invest autonomously based on your predetermined preferences, so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy rather than micromanaging your finances. Robo-advisors are great for…
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Wealthify Review: Should You Use This Robo-Adviser?

Robo-advising is an awesome new development in the investing world. Robo-advisors can manage funds autonomously and automatically rebalance portfolios to desired allocations depending on performance. Robo-advising and robo-investing have significantly lowered the bar for…
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tickr Review (Pros, Cons & Is It Right For You?)

What Is tickr? What if I told you that you could invest and make a killing while also saving the planet at the same time? tickr is an impact investing platform with a mission to make this a reality. tickr (Yes, it’s a lowercase “t”) is an investment app that is designed around supporting businesses that strive to make a positive global impact. tickr was founded by Matt Latham and Tom…
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