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AJ Bell Youinvest Review (UK)

In the past, investing used to be a huge ordeal. You would have to go through a physical exchange or buy the services of an expensive brokerage manager. Stock trading was something that most only wealthier people of means engaged in. Thanks to the internet though, now you can invest from anywhere on the globe. The best part of online brokerages is that they streamline the process of…
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Moneyfarm Review (UK)

Thanks to the internet, investing is easier now than ever before. What used to be the purview of the wealthy and well-off is now accessible to more people thanks to the advent of online brokerages with their low fees and agreeable trading terms. Online investing is…
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Coinbase Review (UK)

If you have been paying attention recently, then you know that cryptocurrency is trading hot. Crypto prices have been growing steadily over the years thanks to new technology and platforms that make crypto trading easier and more accessible to the general public. In the…
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Monese Review (UK)

In today’s fast-paced economy, people are always looking for efficient ways to store and save money. While our parents’ generation might have found comfort in traditional brick and mortar stores, millennials like to take full advantage of the internet. Given that today’s workforce has to be incredibly mobile, it’s no surprise that they prefer online banks to older, physical…
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Transferwise vs Xoom (Comparison & Shootout)

Thanks to the internet, international money transfers are now easier than ever. Transferwise and Xoom are two very popular companies that handle money transfer services to different countries. The two companies both have a similar purpose, but there are some differences…

Transferwise Review 2021 (Best Int'l Money Transfer Service?)

In a globalized economy, people need ways to transfer money overseas quickly and efficiently. In the past, you would usually have to go to a big banking branch to do an international money transfer. This would mean you’d have to pay some pretty exorbitant fees, on the…
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Roundup: 6 Best UK Crowdfunding Platforms

In the past, investing was something of a rich man’s game. Unless you had a lot of startup capital and knew the right people, it was very hard to get in on the ground floor of early-stage businesses. That meant that only a relatively small group of investors and venture capitalists could take advantage of when a new company exploded in popularity as they had the capital and networking…
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The 8 Best Money Management Apps Of 2020 (UK)

If you are like most people, then you probably have a bit of trouble managing your finances. Maybe you get a little take out here, a nice new pair of pants there, and before you know it, you are £300 in the hole for the month. Unfortunately, most schools do not teach anything about personal finance, so people have to learn by making mistakes and dealing with the consequences. Strictly…
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