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Yolt Smart Money App Shuts Down (Here Are 5 Alternatives)

If you’ve been using the smart money app from Yolt, you might be disappointed to find the news that they are shutting it down. Their money app produced open banking technology with a unique approach to spending, boosting, and saving.

The Yolt open banking solution is taking an approach to transition to Yolt technology services, where they can focus on the technology and the full potential Yolt technology services might present. 

If you were a big fan of the Yolt open banking smart money app, don’t be alarmed! Check out these alternative app options for smart money app choices.

5 Great Yolt Alternatives For The UK

Lumio Smart Money App

Check out Lumio’s features here.

Lumio allows you to track and control all your bills, savings, and investments in real-time. For free.

You can get an instant snapshot of all your balances and bills, with the ability to track your day to day spending and look at how much you could save every month.

With Lumio, you can connect all of your accounts into the app, including your bank, savings, credit card and investments. Their wide range of account connections really sets them apart, allowing you to manage your financials when you have things spread out across many different apps and platforms.

Lumio is registered with the ICO Data Protection Register as well as the Financial Conduct Authority Register, so you can sleep well knowing that your money is safe and secure and that your data is protected. They even have bank-grade encryption in the app for an added layer of security.

Here’s a summary of Lumio:

  • Connect and control your bank, savings, credit cards, and investments in one app – they have connections with over 220+ different accounts
  • Instantly picks out your bills and subscriptions – so you can cancel the wasteful spending
  • Automatically categorises your spending
  • Transfer your money into different accounts with a clear snapshot of all your balances
  • They have Live Support Chat
  • It’s available on both Android and iOS with a 4.75 star rating

Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is all about spending less and saving more and their money app is designed to help you do just that. You can see every account you have all in one place and always know when your money is growing and how much money you have left. 

Money Dashboard was rated as the Best Personal Finance App by British Bank Awards in 2017, 2018, 2020, and 2021. Their award-winning app has served more than half a million people and continues to grow.

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There are four parts to Money Dashboard’s app – accounts, bills, analytics, and budgets. You can connect all of your accounts to view everything at the same time. This gives you the total view so you know your net balances at any given time, and don’t have to log in to multiple apps to see the details.

You can see write-ups on Money Dashboard in places like BBC, The Guardian, Business Insider, The Time, Tech Radar, and Good Housekeeping. Money Dashboard supports more than 90 accounts and is connected to every major bank in the UK. It’s very quick and easy to connect to all of the banks and you will have things set up in no time. 

You will also find that Money Dashboard has a lot of positive reviews from verified customers. Some of their most popular features include the following: 

  • Split transactions
  • Account transfers
  • Custom categories
  • Balance warnings
  • Spending history


Spendee is another great smart money app that uses a similar approach to managing your money. If you check them out on the app store, you will find they are rated 4.7 out of 5 stars with a lot of great reviews. You get control of your budget with a full overview and innovative approach to your money. 

Their approach is all about getting your money into shape. You can track the cash flow in the app by connecting all of your bank accounts where you can see them in one place. All transactions are imported right away. You can even connect crypto and e-wallets to the app for management and integration. 

You have the ability to manually add expenses as well for your tracking and planning purposes. The app provides you with analytics so you can get to know your spending habits and maybe even change them for the better. 

You also have intuitive options to set smart budgets in the app and help you not overspend on things as well. Some of their top features include shared wallets, connecting accounts, customization, multiple currency management, syncing and backup, setting alerts/reminders

You can again find write-ups about Spendee in places like Life Hacker, NBC News, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, and The Verge. It’s a featured app with the Apple store and Google Play. Spendee was also the winner Mobile UX Awards in 2017. 


When you search for Cleo, they’re labelled as the “money app that doesn’t suck”. If this little phrase doesn’t make you curious, we’re not sure what will! Their entire premise is simply to make the money part of life a little bit easier. It’s really already hard enough so there’s no reason to complicate it more, right? 

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This app was designed to appeal to the young person and you can tell that in their design and approach. They’ve totally made it fun and interactive with unique graphics and icons. If you want entertainment with your money app, Cleo is probably right for you. 

Cleo even offers a card where you can potentially get a small cash advance to help you out when you have a tough month. You can budget, get updates, and receive tips from the app to help make improve your experience and track your progress. 

Rest assured, they do believe in grown-up stuff in between the fun layers. Manage your money and you can even stay in read-only mode. Nothing is ever stored so your data stays secure. But don’t take our word for it, check out their positive reviews. 


MoneyHub has solutions for both individuals and businesses. When you check out their site, you will need to choose which you are checking out so they can source you to the right place. With this app, you can connect and sync all of your accounts from every place. 

The goal is to help you know where you stand with your money at all times. They do have excellent customer reviews as well so you can see they are a top choice for a reason. It’s totally secure and you can see all of your finances in one single place. The app is packed with intelligent tools so you can set goals and track them. 

You can keep your money secure, track everything in one single place, and understand your money and what’s happening to it. They take a major stance on keeping your data and your finances secure. Keep all of your details in one place and understand your money along the way.

You can see write-ups about Money Hub in places like The Telegraph, The Independent, The Sun, Daily Mirror, and more.

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