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Yolt Smart Money App Shuts Down (Here Are 5 Alternatives)

If you’ve been using the smart money app from Yolt, you might be disappointed to find the news that they are shutting it down. Their money app produced open banking technology with a unique approach to spending, boosting, and saving. The Yolt open banking solution is taking an approach to transition to Yolt technology services, where they can focus on the technology and the full potential…
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5 UK Bill Management Apps (That Save You Time)

Do you find yourself regularly struggling to manage your bills each month? You’re not alone, as a large number of people have trouble keeping their bills in check and their cash flow well managed. Fortunately, there are answers. To help you determine the best…

The 8 Best UK Money Management Apps (2021)

If you are like most people, then you probably have a bit of trouble managing your finances. Maybe you get a little take out here, a nice new pair of pants there, and before you know it, you are £300 in the hole for the month. Unfortunately, most schools do not teach…