Joint Bank Accounts: Everything You Need To Know

The world of banking can be a maze of confusing jargon, and understanding the various types of accounts and their respective purposes, fees, and benefits can be more than a little difficult. With hundreds of different banks in the UK, each with different bank account types, choosing the right joint bank account can prove a frustrating affair. We’re here to help you begin to navigate…
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How To Retire Early In The UK: 9 Essential Tips

When Do You Want To Retire? In the modern industrialised world, retirement is normally seen as the ideal end goal a working person should strive for. After 40+ years of working, people want to spend their twilight years enjoying the fruits of their labour. In the…

What Is Open Banking & Why Does It Matter?

What is Open Banking? Open banking, in a nutshell, is a series of laws and regulations that requires the UK’s 9 biggest banks to publicly release all of their financial and transactional data in a standardized format. The Competition Markets Authority(CMA) has driven…